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Showcase of work

Work currantly available
In this section you can see the changing display of pieces in the studio awaiting sale or exhibition. All for sale on request.

The Schroeder Commission
Vessels to decorate the Schroeder London Boardroom

Tarot Vessels
Until 2007 I concentrated on making fine art/fine craft vessels. This culminated in a series of over 30 pieces which explored the imagery and meanings behind the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck of Tarot cards.

The South of France
As I get most of my ideas from our holidays here is a collection of lights whose shapes and patterns derive from various areas in the South of France

Malaysian Influences
A chance to visit Kuala Lumpor and Penang gave me lots of ideas for patterns and shapes, especially the incredible modern buildings springing up in KL, and the Chinese shop/houses in Penang

The Designed Interiors Show Kingston, June 2013
An Exhibition looking at hand crafted and upcycled objects for the home

Lamps inspired by Chinese architecture and design
Patterns and shapes that were derived from buildings in Beijing, Xian, Shaghai and Nanjing.

Ideas based on sites in Turkey
Taking inspiration from a holiday around historic Turkey I took some time ago, I was excited by the beautiful shapes and symbols I saw in Ephasus, Pergammon and Istanbul and worked on these to design to my hand-built porcelain lamps.